IAFA Regulations

Position about the international diploma program IAFA (International AirFields Award)


  1. Briefly about IAFA.
  2. The purpose of the program.
  3. Program guide.
  4. Job seekers and activators.
  5. Operating procedure.
  6. Rewarding program for participants.

1. Briefly about IAFA.

The IAFA (International AirFields Award)  it is an international diploma program that includes the national programs of the participating countries. The program was created for licensed radio amateurs, designed to popularize amateur radio communication and attract the interest of radio amateurs to establish two-way radio communications and observations with radio stations operating within the squares of QTH-locators, which include airport areas and adjacent territories. For IAFA diplomas, QSO from the squares of QTH-locators of airfields registered with ICAO (ICAO), IATA (IATA) and the IAFA program are accepted.

The condition for participation in the program is to conduct two-way radio communications with amateur stations operating from QTH- locators, in which (in whole or in part) operating airfields and helipads are located.

2. The purpose of the program.

The main goal of the program is the development of friendly relations between radio amateurs of all countries of the world, the strengthening of friendship, mutual understanding and trust. Increased interest in aviation and radio sports.

3. Management of the program.

The program is managed by the program director.

Directorate of the program – managers, responsible persons, representatives of the radio amateur community of the countries participating in the IAFA program.

The director organizes the work of the program. The director coordinates the work of the program directorate.

The Directorate organizes the work of national programs, program moderators, website, registration of diplomas. The Directorate plans and approves the program activities, coordinates the work of the program participants, controls the download of hardware logs in electronic form by activators to the Internet resources of the IAFA program, as well as the issuance of diplomas and awards.

The Program Directorate meets once a month to discuss current issues, diplomas and awards.

The IAFA Program Director is appointed by the Council of the Fifth Ocean Club and approves his candidacy at the club’s conference.

The IAFA program directorate for approval of the national program representative, independently considers suitable candidates from among the most active radio amateurs, activators and applicants, and then approves the selected candidate at the meeting of the IAFA Directorate. Also, the meeting of the directorate has the right to make a decision or satisfy the request for the release of the head-representative of the national section.

For all questions you are interested in, you can contact the IAFA Directorate .

Any country can be a participant in the program.

The procedure for joining the IAFA Program of a new country is provided for by a separate provision and approved by the Council of the “Fifth Ocean” club on the proposal of the Director of the IAFA .

4. Job seekers and activators.

Applicants are radio amateurs who conduct radio communications with activators.

Activators are radio amateurs who conduct radio communications from the squares of the QTH- locators of airports. Radio amateurs working from QTH-squares-locators with airfields are activators of the IAFA program, and a separate credit for their achievements is conducted for them by the number of activated airfields (activation count).

For the activator, the activation count includes radio communications conducted by him both from the permanent location of his radio station in the square with the airfield, and when he organizes temporary work from the square in which the airfield is located.

5. The order of work.

The condition for participation in the IAFA program is to conduct two-way radio communications with radio amateur stations operating territorially from QTH-squares, in which (in whole or in part) airfields and / or helipads, objects for small aircraft, non-motorized balloons and active airships are located.

Aerodrome data – information about active and closed aerodromes registered in the ICAO / IATA registers (the conventional common name is “air harbor” or aerodrome). The existing aviation facilities (air harbor) include objects that have an intra-national classification (not ICAO / IATA), as well as air harbors of generally accepted historical and cultural significance that do not have official registration in international and national registers. Closed aerodromes include territories (squares) of former (now non-operating) aerodromes registered in the ICAO / IATA registers and / or having an intra-national classification.

The activator chooses a place of work in the radio amateur air in the areas of airports and adjacent territories within the squares of the QTH-locator, specifies the name of the airport according to the ICAO / IATA classification.

Before starting work (preferably through the Internet resources of the IAFA program) and during operation, the activator reports its frequencies, call sign and name of the aerodrome to ICAO, IATA (and IAFA) (it is advisable to report it to attract more radio amateurs for radio communications).

After activation, the hardware log in electronic form, the activator uploads to the Internet resource of the IAFA program for the preparation and issuance of diplomas. For activators, the fact of activation (i.e. work and offset) is to make at least 50 QSOs.

National programs are formed by the Directorate of the participating countries and approved by the IAFA Directorate .

The procedure and rules for the operation of activators, as well as the offset of activations, are determined by the Regulations of national programs.

The provisions of the national programs are posted on the IAFA Program website

6. Rewarding program for participants.

To increase the interest of radio amateurs in participating in the IAFA program, the program directorate is developing an awards program for both activators and applicants.

The initial form of the award is electronic diplomas for a certain number of triggered or activated airfields. Such diplomas are obtained through the Internet resource of the IAFA program. Stickers are issued to diplomas for a certain number of triggered / activated airfields.

The next class of awards is plaques.

In addition, there are awards for special achievements of radio amateurs in the implementation of the IAFA program – for the days of activity and competition.

Each country participating in the IAFA Program develops its own Regulation on the national IAFA program , which stipulates the conditions for the implementation of diplomas and awards for the participation of radio amateurs in national Programs.